13 April 2005

To all you early filers

I've decided to adopt a Christian perspective regarding taxes. I'm waiting until the last minute to file. The way I figure it, if God comes back and destroys the world, all you suckers who filed early will be out some cash. Meanwhile, I'll be wallowing in the dough. So after the apocolypse, when I'm buying marshmallows to roast in the hellfires, don't be coming to me feeling sorrow for yourself. You could have faithfully held out to the end too.


DBK said...

I could never understand people's glee at tax refunds. You should always come to the 15th of April having to write a check to the gummint. If they send youa refund, it means that they had your money for months and months and you had no use of it. If you have to write a check, it means you had that money and maybe earned some interest on it. You should always owe money at tax time. It's your money right up until April 15. Don't let them keep your money.

Karlo said...

Of course if you claim too many deductions and don't pay enough money in advance, the IRS fines you (something I've never quite understood).