27 April 2005

Great Leader Cornball

Shrub has given the word "cornball" a whole new significance, advising us to grow and eat corn for "more energy." Check out this priceless video clip. (I'm reminded of some North Korean article about raising goats "based on the principle of converting grass into energy as taught by the Great Leader.")

Kudos to Crooks and Liars and Direland for this.

Simply Appalling also has a very apropos post on his site, titled "From a pinnacle of near-perfect ignorance: Dummies at war."


The Continental Op said...

And, of course, like most advocates of ethanol, Bush overlooks the enormous amount of petroleum -- in the form of fertilizer and energy -- that goes into growing all that corn. There was a terrific article about this in Harper's a few months back, which noted (among other important points) that more petro-chemicals go into the production of corn than are saved by the ethanol produced. Hardly the cure for oil dependence. Just another boondoggle for corporate agriculture.

Karlo said...

Who knows? Maybe some scientist will eventually figure out a way to convert gasoline into ethanol.

Anonymous said...

I saw my first corn/pellet burning stove around 1990. I don't know when they first came out but only in America have we subsidised food to the point where it becomes economcilly viable to burn it for heat. It's amazing really.

For fun, my wife and I like to pretend we're lobbyists trying to pitch new uses for the products they represent.

Hillary came up with Corn-sulation™. We still laugh about that one.


Hamtramck Star

Anonymous said...

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