14 April 2005

Got them Walmart blues

Walmart continues to pop-up in the news for its anti-union activities. I've bought about 3 items at Walmart in the last 6 months. All these products were extremely shoddy and in most cases unusable. I don't see how the place stays in business. And now this news about this massive chain harrassing its workers.


Dave said...

Did you hear about Wal-Mart's new greenwashing scheme? The company announced yesterday or the day before that they will donate (to the Conservation Fund) enough money to buy land equivalent to what they've destroyed by building stores and parking lots. This sounds like a better deal than it is - the land to be purchased is presumably already wild; it will simply be provided better protection - depending on which federal agency gets oversight, of course. So there's still a net loss of land whenever new stores are constructed - to say nothing of the associated sprawl from other stores, improved roads, etc; damage to local air quality from increased traffic and to water from runoff; and the fragmentation of habitat that remains in the vicinity of these new envelopments. That's the critical issue, in my opinion. We need good habitat everywhere, and that habitat needs to be connected. The wildlife can't all pick up and move, like we made the Indians do, to a few, scattered reservations in resource-poor lands out west.

Karlo said...

It's the first I've heard of the "greenwashing scheme." I suppose any move in such a direction is to be lauded. I would agree with you though that there is far too little concern about how we're preserving wild areas. Much of the areas that have been allowed to remain wild are actually pretty stark areas--deserts or high mountains--that can't really support much life of any sort. I often wonder what it would be like to have some giant park in some place such as San Francisco Bay.