25 April 2005

Earth Day

I realize I'm late for the party but I was busy out hugging trees. I'd just like to say that DFC and Wildhunt have good posts on Earth Day.


Katharine said...

Yes, Karlo. But one question: did the trees hug you back?

I lost part of an eyebrow to one once but to be fair, I was the one who crashed into it. I've since switched to cross country skiing. ;)

Karlo said...

You have to hug the right trees, Katherine. Laurel trees, with their smooth velvety bark and soft curves, are best. As for oak trees, it's said that their bark is worse than their bite, but they actually have thousands of tiny slivers that are impossible to pull out.

As for being hugged back, that's never the issue now, is it? As a famous Korean poet (Chihwan Yu?)once said: "To love, rather than to receive love, has led to happiness."