12 April 2005

Cutting social programs and hand-outs

In a recent post, Delftsman reminds us:

Many of the social programs that the Left have been espousing are great sounding, and come from a compassionate urge to aid those less fortunate, but the law of unintended consequences must always be kept in mind; every one of these programs passed into action gives the government yet another piece of control over our individual freedom and personal autonomy, and in slow, incremental ways, cause government to become an oppressive and restrictive force hemming in every individual.

There has to be a balance between compassion and freedom, even if that freedom might lead to an individual failure. Eternal vigilence, and, sometimes, a seemingly hard-hearted refusal of the public magniminaty, are the only bulwarks against this slow encroachment on personal freedom.

The main problem of the Left is that they have forgotten is that, sometimes, freedom means the freedom to fail. Results are never guarenteed, only the freedom to strive for success is what our system is all about.

There is no such thing as "just a little socialism". Socialism is a festering malignancy on the body politic that will always encroach and kill the body if allowed any growth. A small growth, once established, will always feed itself first in a never-ending attempt to expand it's boundries and scope.

I couldn't agree more. Let's cut down on government! Let's cut the budget for the government support of corporations via corporate tax loopholes! Let's cut funding for vast government projects (i.e., the military) designed to support and protect corporate interests abroad! Let's stop our endless subsidies for transportation projects that fail to turn a profit (i.e., funding for our highways and the rest of the infrastructure for private cars). Let's fire the politicians (the entire Shrub administration) who support corporate interests (Enron and Halliburton), obscuring the pristine workings of market forces! Let's stop allowing groups of pampered workers to collectively band together to demand exhorbitant wages for their work (e.g., doctors and other high-paid professionals). Let's stop allowing welfare for people who don't work (as when we pay the idle owners of capital to sit around drinking martinis in far-off tax havens). Let's stop pampering people and instead require them to take responsibility for their actions!

As an example of the final point, we could have a massive tort suit filed by all youth living in L.A. against all L.A. car owners demanding compensation for their reduced health and longevity due to auto exhaust. Such a case, if ever allowed to go to court, would be a shut-and-closed case since the connection between exhaust and illness (reduced lung capacity and highter rates of asthma and cancer) is firmly established.


gaw3 said...

I agree. Freedom for all!

Deleted said...

The failed practice of enabling the the wastrels must cease. It might sound cruel, but a little tough love for the tax haven martini sippers will give them freedom to learn from their mistakes.

Allowing them to wallow in a sense of entitlement is no kindess! Muscular compassion is the best way.

Karlo said...

Yep. I'm afraid it's time for some tough love.

erinberry said...
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erinberry said...

The main problem of the Left is that they have forgotten is that, sometimes, freedom means the freedom to fail.

What a bunch of bull! What proportion of these "failures" is found in the lowest rungs of the socio-economic ladder? His reasoning is that we are doing the poor a favor by allowing them to languish in poverty. Riiiight.

Karlo said...

Yes. The poor are lazy. The wealthy hardworking. Sounds good. In my experience, it's rarely the case.