19 April 2005


BAC (Bloggers Against Cat-blogging) is Back. This anti-catblogging lobbying group has decided to re-form in response to the re-emergence of cat-blogging throughout the internets. In order to protect sensitive political bloggers from the horrors of cats blogging, BAC will be posting cat-blogging alerts. The highest alert--code redcat--will be reserved exclusively for emergency situations when cats have over-run the internets and have taken over entire swaths of otherwise rational web content. If you see the red cat, you are to immediately ducktape your computer screen, dive into the corner of your room, and assume the cobra yoga position as you chant BAAAAAC with each out-breath. The following list of blogs will be quarantined indefinitely until the Department of Feline Security has had an opportunity to pepper spray the cyberspace behind their modems and scrub the hard-drives free of any stray frrrballs.


At Ease, Adot's notblog, Trish Wilson's Blog, Progressive Protestant, Rob's Blog, Lab Kat, Dohiyi Mir, Devizes Melting Pot, and Three-toed Sloth.

If you want to do more to rid the blogosphere of catblogging, please send your money to Karlo at Swerve Left. He will put it to good use trying to rid the internet of the infiltrating felines.

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Karlo said...

Everytime I launch an anti-cat blogging campaign, other bloggers discuss it but no one comments. It's as if everyone recognizes the moral peril of catblogging and the damage it causes to the blogosphere; yet no one has the gumption to stand beside Karlo in his fight against catblogging and the bloggers responsible. In the end, this has been a lonely fight. And the donations to BAC have also been disappointing (and this is putting it mildly). It's all really quite depressing. All I can say is that after the internets have been overrun with felines, you should remember that you all stood by and did absolutely nothing to remedy the situation while I stood valiantly on the moral high-ground.