3 March 2005

Mission accomplished?

Troops deaths in Iraq have now passed the 1500 mark. As mentioned on one blog, "1,362 of those servicemen and women have been killed since President Bush declared victory on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1st, 2003."


delftsman3 said...

The Iraqis have had a fre election for the first time in history, as have tha Afghans. The Afghans will have a woman as a provence governor for the fist time in history, The Lebanese called on their puppet government to resign, AND IT DID. The Saudis are loosening the strictures on who may run in elections for local government, The Egyptions are allowing dissident parties to participate for the first time since Mubarak took control.
There are rumblings of discontent by the people in Iran and Syria, and talk of "if they can, why can't we"?

We have not had an attack on American property since 9/11, either here or on foreign soil.

The mission may not be done as of yet, but the results so far are sure encuraging.

Oh, right, you believe that these things are occuring because the moonbats are singing Kum-Ba-Ya, and in spite of Bush, not because of him.

Karlo said...

Isn't it interesting how the U.S. is somehow responsible for all the good happening everywhere and yet bears no responsibility for all the evil? Since I don't have any background in the ME, I can't argue about it in any detail, but just to take a case I am familiar with, the same right-wing meme is found in the psuedo-history of NE Asia. Conservatives talk about how America's benevolent hand has slowly pushed the Koreans and other nationalities (e.g., the Fillipinos) towards democracy (as the backward Asians kicked and screamed, of course). Nothing could be more ridiculous. The U.S. has been behind every brutal dictatorship in Korea. Democracy only happened after LEFTIST students led massive protests against their governments AND it's U.S. backers. (In many cases, suffering massacres that make Tian-an-men look like a tea party.) The point I'm making is that altruistic concerns for democracy do not form the leitmotiv of U.S. foreign policy. Everytime a vote happens or a flower blooms, it isn't necessarily caused through the benevolent force of American leadership. Everytime evil happens, it isn't always attributable to an enemy of the U.S. Quite often, it's due to a CIA agent or a CIA proxy. I can't believe that the U.S. has been around for centuries and there are still people who haven't gone beyond the idea of manifest destiny.