7 February 2005

Them good ol' petra dollars

Evidently, Chalabi's finally headed for the slammer. As we all now know (in spite of much media silence), Chalabi, after founding Bank Petra in the late 1970s, was convicted and sentenced in absentia for bank fraud by a Jordanian military court in 1992. Before his fall from favor, the exiled leader and his organization received millions of U.S. tax dollars. Chalabi was then flown to Iraq on an American aircraft after Saddam was deposed, with rumors that he was going to be Washington's man. Of course, the idea of choosing a felon for America's hand-picked leader may strike a few of as a bit odd. But as they say in the biznuss world, it's all who you are and who you know. If you're an ex-Iraqi on beer-drinking terms with some neocons in the CIA, a past felony or two evidently qualifies you to be a leader of a major oil-producing state. If, on the other hand, you get caught with a large bag of weed at a Grateful Dead concert, you get tossed in the pen and lose your voting rights for the rest of your life.

I found this story via Relative Path.


haymarketeer said...

it's not just the neocon power brokers who think outright fraud, theft and lying is an impediment to public office: it's the american people. witness oliver north. he lied to the president, he lied to congress, he lied to the american people, he lied to the tower commission and what did the public say to him?

you should be president!


Karlo said...

And then there's Shrub, Colin Powell, and other usual suspects.

Cosa Nostradamus said...

It's a wonderful life.