10 February 2005

NK nukes

North Korea has officially declared that it has nuclear weapons. North Korea, perhaps taking a lesson from Iraq, says it needs the weapons as protection against an increasingly hostile United States. It's hard to tell whether the current statements are nothing more than NK's trying to bolster its bargaining position or as a warning against possible U.S. belligerence. If NK has gone nuclear, it seems like Japan would have little reason not to follow suit.

The Barking Dingo has a much more detailed post on this.


delftsman3 said...

NoKo developed it's weapons under the watchful eye of the Clinton administration.

We negotiated with them to not produce Nukes, payed them in the billions to forgo those programs; and continued to pay them in the face of evidence that they were not complying with the terms of the agreement.

Still, to the Left, it's all President Bush's fault.

I think that China will step in soon to control their neighbor. Hopefully with economic pressure, not military. They stand to lose the most, the quickest, if Kim Ill Sung starts rattleing the sabers too loudly.

Karlo said...

I agree. I keep wondering why China isn't more concerned. It seems like the short-term benefits they're getting would be outweighed by the future uncertainties of sitting next to a nuclear Korea (perhaps united?) and nuclear Japan with a number of South-east Asian teams hoping to join the club.