15 February 2005

MCI Joins the Gang

Verizon has agreed to acquire MCI (MCIP) for more than $6.7 billion. As a broke working-man who lives in the red (both politically and financially), I normally have as much interest in mergers as I have in Barbara Bush's memoirs. However, when I saw Verizon in the news again, touted as a rock-solid company, I began to see red. As loyal Swerve Left readers will remember, my karmic connections with the gangsters at Verizon have left me with some very bitter feelings. First, the bastards charged me about $25 dollars for the little piece of cardboard filler that was missing from the packing of a box when I took back a cell phone (that wasn't working!) Then they refused to cancel my service with them, even after I sent a number of letters and called them repeatedly (and yelled at their computerized answer machine for many hours). And last but not least, they billed me about $40 for some obscure charge (call-waiting after I'd already cancelled my phone?) and sent a collection agency after me when I refused to pay the charge.

I really think we should pass a law that requires all CEOs to stand before the public every two or three years with their back to a cement wall. Those of us who've lost hours of our time (along with handfulls of invaluable hair), should be allowed to step forward first and stone the bastards. We're told that we have some wonderful democratic rights that allow us to sue corporations but I have yet to meet (or even hear about) a single person who has successfully done so on their own without the backing of some large organization. I can't imagine it myself...what am I to do? Give up my job, take out a loan for 20 or 30 grand, go to Florida or wherever the hell the gangsters keep their office, and then spend a week or two on an attorney in court so that I can then get counter-sued for thousands by a team of corporate lawyer-thugs.

My only resort is to call for a general boycott of the idiots:


dailyread said...

Boy do I hear you on this one. First, I was given a phone number that turned out to be long distance from my friends and neighbors, and after that was resolved, I received a phone bill for all the time I used that should have been included in my plan. Because I am retired, have lots of time on my hands when necessary, and I refuse to give in until I have conversed with everyone up the chain... my problems were eventually resolved to my satisfaction (or I would still be on the phone with customer service).

Karlo said...

Yep. I think they need to send us a baseball bat with the CEOs address on it with each new subscription to the service.