14 February 2005

DU (or duh for short)

A few comments back, Delftsman questioned the dangers of DU armor-piercing shells. I recommend the doubters take a look at the following article (a bit dated now) by Scott Peterson. Visiting various sites (some randomly chosen), investigators found significant radiation from the 75 tons of DU the U.S. used in Iraq. At one site, radiation exceeded 1,300 times that of background levels. The article mentions the fact that "six American vehicles struck with DU friendly fire in 1991 were deemed to be too contaminated to take home, and were buried in Saudi Arabia. Of 16 more brought back to a purpose-built facility in South Carolina, six had to be buried in a low-level radioactive waste dump." It doesn't sound like the sort of things you'd want your children playing around after dinner.

Much is still not known about DU bullets. We can only "have faith" that the U.S. military (which has every reason to lie) has people's best interest in mind. (DU has a half-life of 4.5 billion years - the age of the solar system.)


Kiyomi said...

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Cosa Nostradamus said...

Oh, contrary. Much IS known about DU. It vaporizes or becomes dust on impact with heavy armour, even as it passes right though tanks and APCs. The dust or vapor then ends up in the air, the soil and the groundwater, where it is breathed, eaten (in foods grown in the ground, or fed to livestock), and drunk. The open questions are, who was exposed, and how much. The answer may be Gulf War Syndrome, for the US. But the Iraqis will be dealing with it for a very very very long time. And it's almost impossible to clean up. Use of DU is a war crime. It should be banned. Even if weren't radioactive, it's a poisonous heavy metal, like mercury or lead. VERY bad for developing children and pregnant women. It's barbaric.


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