10 January 2005

There's got to be a morning after...

Bush vs. Choice had the following post:

Most of you already know that the FDA is once again considering making Plan B (emergency contraception) available over-the-counter, after a study showed what we all knew: making EC more accessible “reduce(s) the number of unwanted pregnancies while posing no apparent risk to women.” Duh!

Personally, I don't see how the government is going to prevent morning-after pills since a woman can simply take a couple birth-control pills and achieve the same results. But then, who knows. Perhaps decades from now, in a Talibanized Christian America, unpregnant women of child-bearing age will be held in stocks as crowds of God-fearing town folk cast stones at them.


Chad Parenteau said...

They're going to prevent it by giving carte blance power to the pharmacists who refuse the pills. This happened a couple of months ago to one customer who ended up missing a day because of one pro-life pharmacist. What happened to the pharmacist who refused? Well, you'd be correct if you guessed, absolutely fucking nothing. There was a complaint filed, but no way it was going to get her getting fired, according to superiors.

Even the law that's being proposed now wouldn't penalize them. You can read the link below and get depressed afterward.


Karlo said...

I heard this story. What's your opinion on this? Should pharmacist be required to sell all classes of drugs?