5 January 2005

Seeking sympathy votes

Swerve Left has been nominated for Best Overall Blog (by a Non-Professional) over at Wampum. The competition's fierce with the likes of Suburban Geurrilla, Feministe, and Majikthise, as well as the erudite Pharyngula. Swerving through such giants, poor Karlo has not a chance. So here's your chance to do a good deed. Go give me a vote out of loyalty. Make up some compliment. And at least help keep me from finishing the race at the back of the pack! (Particularly not behind any fetching blondes--they're already on my case about my Dumb Blondes post.)


Queenie said...

Blog wars.
Someone should make the movie.
It could be called You've Just Published.


Cosa Nostradamus said...

Just voted for ya, dude. And I set them straight on the whole dumb blonde thing. No worries. Also, I have a cousin at Diebold, so...

(You owe me.).

Karlo said...

I am forever in your debt. And I promise to split the prize money with ya if I win.