12 January 2005

Eternal vigilance!

All you librals keep harpin' away about how nun of them WMDs were found but let me tell ya--you better not let yer guard down. Cause any day now them Iraqi frogmen will be appearing out of cold Oregon surf, WMDs in one hand and the Koran in the other, ready to blow up our sand dunes. Or even if they don't quite make it to Oregon, they might just sell weapons such as mace or box-cutters to terrorists who will then use these highly controlled items to take over planes and knock down our buildings just because they don't like freedom. So you better keep vigilant. Hell, the only reason are country's free right now is because brave men in the past (not any of ya scardy-cat librals) were willing to go over and massacre native Americans, attack Mexico, kill Phillipinos and bomb Vietnamese rice farmers. If they hadn't stepped up to the plate, our country would now be filled with Mexicans, Phillipinos and Vietnamese . . . er, I mean even more of them. So be afraid of everyone. Be violent. Attack. Attack!

Exclusive Swerve Left sighting of Iraqi commandoes taking an Oregon beach head.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Do you enjoy being politically psychotic? Bomb the bastards!!! I guess that's what it takes to live.