26 January 2005

Alternative Bumper Stickers

Have you ever seen those bumber stickers that proclaim GOD BLESS AMERICA. This has always struck me as an odd sentiment. Why would Christians be urging God to bless America? With hearts full of altruistic compassion, you'd think they'd be asking God to turn his attention to more troubled parts of the planet, to Sierra Leone or perhaps Bangladesh. Apparently, God operates much like the Republicans, constantly giving blessings to the well-heeled while harassing the poor with war and pestilence. For this reason, I propose that we make some alternative bumber stickers. For example:

Avalokitesvara Bless Botswana


Ganesh Bless Guinea


Cosa Nostradamus said...


Karlo said...

Now, now, let's not be sacrilegious. I'm might have to sic the Department of Holy Land Security on you.

Cosa Nostradamus said...

he should be on our ass

Jimmy Ho said...


Sorry for insisting, but I'm not sure if you saw my request for your email in the comments to the "Into the Blogosphere" post.
The word "chainmail" is actually rather heavy for the announcement I intend to send. The seven persons on my list are Barry Deutsch (aka Ampersand), Kevin Moore (of In Contempt Comics), Sheelzebub, Ms. Lauren, Roxanne, Language Hat and you.
If there is any problem with that, please just drop me a line or simply a comment on any of my blog's post (they are automatically emailed to me), to let me know.

Jimmy Ho said...

I got your comment on Zhengming, thanks! The email bounced, though (the daemon guy says the address doesn't exist). No worry, I'll just forward it to you to the correct address (in case this is due to a typo) or, if the problem is on mine and Gmail's end, I can try and send it again from my old yahoo.gr account.
As I told you, the basic information is that I decided to delete my blog. The process should be finished by the next weekend. I'll keep you informed, of course.

The Continental Op said...

What I've always wondered about "God Bless America" is why a believing Christian would think it was proper to tell God who or what to bless. It seems no less blasphemous than "God damn it."

Cosa Nostradamus said...


Good boy!

Roll over, god, roll over!


Now, Sit. Sit. You SIT, god!

What a good boy!

Here, here's a treat! A nice bone!
Does goddy wanna bone? Yes he does!
It's a REAL bone, goddy! It was in a Saint!

Of yesyesyes, goddy loves his Saints bones!

They're precious relics! Yes they are! Good god!

Anonymous said...

As a Christian, I want to express that I am very tired of God being used by the religious Right to promote very specific agendas. It makes me very sad that Christian spirituality, our 'following Jesus', has in this current day been reduced to a political war metaphor of the 'us against them' battle driven by the pride of powerful individuals, sidelining the actual love of Christ in the process. As someone who believes in the perfect love and grace of Christ, I apologize on the behalf of my fellow Christians, both in this current day and for all the unjustifiably bloody history, and I apologize that in my own thoughts an actions, I too fall far short of representing Christ in the way that He deserves. Please forgive, and see Christianity from the pages of the gospels, and not from the fallen accounts of it that sinfully represent who God is from the letters of a bumper sticker.