2 December 2004

Torture chambers a "godsend"

The U.S. military has apparently discovered an Iraqi torture chamber. Needless to say, the U.S. military command is elated at this discovery. In a press conference held especially for Swerve Left reporters, the spokesman for the chief military commander explained the significance of this discovery:

"The discovery of Iraqi torture chambers will undoubtedly sap the morale of the insurgent forces while alleviating the financial burdens that the U.S. military faces as it seeks to build its own torture chambers throughout the region. Once the chambers have been adapted to U.S. specs, they will also prevent the military from expending funds that could be otherwise diverted to Halliburton and other corporate sponsors of the war. From the perspective of traditional religious values, the newly acquired torture chambers are nothing short of a godsend. Last but not least, I'd like to point out that the find affirms the fundamental fact, so often denied by the liberal media, that the core values underlying American democracy have already begun to take root in the Middle East."


Dave said...

"We had sensed that there was a pure streak of evil in this town, ever since the first days of engagement here," said Maj. Wade Weems.

Makes it sound like they've hit a vein of gold-bearing ore - which i guess they think they have. However, the evidence strikes me as absurdly meagre for what they are trying to claim. A pure streak of propaganda.

David said...

As usual, we make a big deal about what's going on in Iraq, choosing to ignore what goes on in Zambia, Nigeria, Angola, Bosnia... In fact, any country that ends in "a" had better watch out... No, wait - that would mean... Surely not?

Thanks for your welcome when I joined the PBA! Love the site. Thanks!

Karlo said...

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to post a comment, Dave.