20 November 2004

Swerving into the ditch

Swerve Left is having technical problems lately. Blogspot half-saved my template, erasing my links. I hope to have everything back up in the next few days.


Cosa Nostradamus said...

I'm no expert, but I would consider saving EVERYTHING to your hard-drive (and cd back-ups) Html/xml in wordpad, notepad, or whatever word-processing program, before making any major changes. Likewise any graphics & templates, in whatever graphics & web-design proggies you use.

I NEVER trust online posting/uploading. Well, almost never. I've yet to mess with my blog's template. They warn you to back-up everything first, even old archived stuff. It's so fucking FRUSTRATING when you lose something. Especially something big, or hard to reproduce. Good luck & deepest sympathies. Until next time, when I say "TOLDJA SO!!!" ; )

Karlo said...

Unfortunately, I didn't have a recent copy of my template, but I did manage to pull some stuff off the Yahoo cache--this may be a lifesaver in this case.

Dave said...

Yeah, i agree with C.N. - i just automatically save a copy of the entire template into a Word doc everytime I make a change. A stitch in time and all that.

Jon said...

If you want to break free from blogger. I can help...
We did and it was worth all the hastle..not much hastle realy. Importing archives from blogger is a bit of a problem. other than that...Full control.