21 November 2004

Reality TV

Last night, I was talking about the video-taped killing of the injured man in the mosque with my mother. She was disturbed by the image of two nearby men lying nearby on the floor with clasped hands--perhaps friends grasping each other's hands as they took their last breaths. Baghdad Burning (Riverbend) has an excellent post on the incident:

It's typical American technique- every single atrocity is lost and covered up by blaming a specific person and getting it over with. What people don't understand is that the whole military is infested with these psychopaths. In this last year we've seen murderers, torturers and xenophobes running around in tanks and guns. I don't care what does it: I don't care if it's the tension, the fear, the 'enemy'… it's murder. We are occupied by murderers. We're under the same pressure, as Iraqis, except that we weren't trained for this situation, and yet we're all expected to be benevolent and understanding and, above all, grateful. I'm feeling sick, depressed and frightened. I don't know what to say anymore… they aren't humans and they don't deserve any compassion.

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Diana said...

Riverbend is the only one in Iraq worth listening to, because she's the only one telling the truth.