8 November 2004

Proposal for New Amendment

Instead of passing an amendment to allow foreign-born nationals like Arnold (who retains his Austrian citizenship, incidently) to run for president, I propose that we throw the electoral process open to everyone in the world. The world is, after all, often affected more by U.S. decisions than the U.S. citizenry is. Of course, such a move might mark a decided shift in American politics. Check out the map at Echidne of the Snakes.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Australia reelect John Howard? Shouldn't they be counted as a Red County. I'm glad John Kerry has the support the tyrants in Myamar, Syria, Iran, Cote de Iovrie, Sierra Leonne... We should be well aware of his base of support.

Karlo said...

I think the map is based on polls of the people living in these countries. The people living in Australia probably supported Kerry over Bush in spite of their support for Howard. (It must be remembered that what goes for "right wing" in Australian politics is closer to the U.S. Green Party that it is to the Republicans.) As for Myanmar, etc., I don't see anything wrong with wanting a leader who inspires confidence in the people living in these countries. After all, the U.S., as an heir to manifest destiny, assumes the moral responsibility for intervening in the affairs of all these countries. Is it too much to ask that the subjects of the empire get an emperor they can trust?

chasmyn said...

I'd vote for that amendment!