6 November 2004

The new WEENer generation

Analysis of recent polling indicates that the Bush mandate is comprised solely of one group--wealthy [white]male Dumb-asses (or WMDs, in other words). Every other sector of our diverse nation (women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, the working poor, etc.) voted solidly for Kerry. This finding should give us pause as we hear Bush described as a "uniter" instead of a "divider." It's also difficult to see how the Republican platform is oriented towards America's future (unless the Republicans resort to ethnic "cleansing" and start binding women's feet.) Polling on specific issues also clearly shows that the majority of people are not for privatizing social security, keeping the current low minimum wage, or continuing indefinitely the occupation of Iraq. In short, Bush's constituency rests solely on the two pillars of wealth and religion. The recent narrow victory also proves that negative personal attacks that combine racist overtones and gay-bating are effective enough to overcome people's aversion to Republican policies. Welcome to the WEENer (Wealthy+Elitist+Evangelical+Nascar) Generation!

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