2 November 2004

More Election Fraud in Florida?

From Daily Kos:

I just received this via email from my friend who is involved in Election Protection in Florida. Some people who selected Kerry are seeing BUSH in the summary of whom they voted for! They had to get the poll workers involved, and the second time around when they re-selected Kerry he properly showed in the summary.
The author of this email has been deeply involved in this effort for months and been covering early voting since it started. This is somebody whom I know very well and she is a highly reliable source. We MUST get this news out there. Voters in Florida must be alerted, and the media must be alerted - NOW! I am sick to my stomach at the thought that we could lose another election to fraud in Florida. Let's stop it now. Her email account of these events follows. Like I said, if she says it happened, you can take it to the bank. Let's do what we need to do to contact the media,get this out there in the blogsphere, etc. etc.

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Mick said...

ill-sorted ephemera reported this from Austin last week. BlackBox Notes reported the same thing in New Mexico. It's supposedly a design flaw in the eSlate voting machines, but as I reported at the Alley, there's reason to believe otherwise.