22 November 2004

An Army of One

The Power and Interest Report has an interesting article on Rice and the U.S. drift towards isolationism.


Thivai Abhor said...


Have you seen this:

The Power of Nightmares

Karlo said...

I haven't watched it yet but I plan to. Actually, I've already included it in my sidebar links under "edifying documentaries."

Cosa Nostradamus said...

IF ONLY the neocons would go isolationist! That used to mean no foreign entanglements, no wars of empire. Now, we have the worst of both worlds: Isolationists towards our friends, Imperialists towards our made-up "enemies."

I don't know the sleazy lying bitch, but I know that as a successful right-wing black female academic token with a laughable name, Condoleeeeeeeeeza has shown herself more than willing to go along in order to get along. She obviously doesn't much care what she says or does, where she ends up, or whom with, as long as she's close to the top, and headed higher. Don't expect any thoughts to be coming out of her head. She'll be too busy nodding in assent, and trying to keep ahead of the endless unscrolling of nutsy neocon notions. That fact that she herself doesn't believe in ANYTHING is not an indication that she won't do whatever the nuts demand.

I think her move to the Department of State was actually a demotion. State is a ghetto, in neocon thought, full of people they despise, mistrust and disrespect. First Colin, now Condi; black people have been walled in there, where they could be ignored, and given demeaning, degrading tasks, like Powell's minstrel show before the UN on the eve of the Iraq invasion.

Plus, as a Cabinet officer, Condi's answerable to Congress directly now, a role in which she has shown ability, as a fudger and outright prevaricator. But the Bushco parliament is unlikely to ever make her too visible, or her seat too hot. Condi will be a pawn and a figurehead, trotted out at bad news time, and roundly ignored in the White House, from which she's just been evicted. All speculation to the contrary is just bizarre. She's the new Colin Powell, in every respect. Mark my words. Unless the noeocons all add cyanide to their Kool-aid one fine morning soon, literally, it's Condi who's history.

As for the endless, on-going disaster in Iraq, and the unlikelihood of more adventures in the future, the neocons admit no such thing. They believe, and what they believe IS reality to them, even in the face of disaster. Iraq is going great. We've been welcomed as liberators. Only a few troublemakers remain to be dealt with. Then democracy will bloom in Baghdad, and all over the Middle East. Even if we have to nuke Tehran.

Not only have they NOT given up on all this, they believe it more strongly than ever. They have to. Otherwise, they'd have to quit and slink out of Warshenden with their tails between their legs, leaving the field to the hated moderates and liberals. NOT gonna happen. Not if it takes every drop of blood the Army can conscript. Shit, the pool will includeWOMEN this time! There's PLENTY of blodd still out there! And Jesus Dubya Bush just won hisseff an E-lection. Accent on the crooked "E!" Nope, Bushy got hisseff some PO-litical CAP-i-TAL! Yee-haw, Condi-Sue, less go SPIND it!!!

[cue banjo's, fire up pick-up truck]

Karlo said...

I'm sure if the neocons keep making up enemies, they'll eventually be able to create more than a few real enemies.