21 October 2004

Where have all the shrublings gone?

According to a poll cited in an AP article, Kerry is preferred by the citizens of 22 of 23 countries featured in the survey. Poland, the one country that didn't pick Kerry (Was this payback for his failure to mention them along with other countries in the debate?), showed a mere 3% margin of support for Bush. And yet we're told that the U.S. needs Shrub's leadership because he's going to stand up and lead the world to democracy! What's next? Will the U.S. be sending troops to Germany, France, Mexico, Portugal, Greece, Canada, and the other 16 countries because "they hate us." If Shrub is such a lover of democracy, why doesn't he stop referring to support by the few inept leaders who are out of touch with their citizenry and instead refer exclusively to that half of the Polish population that still supports him.

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