18 October 2004

Wassup with Bill (No pun intended!)

I haven't wanted to weigh in on O'Reilly as Swerve Left has a strict agreement with the tabloids to stay free of their traditional domain. Yet it does strike me as a bit hypocritical that the man who expressed such deep moral consternation about the sexual foibles of Clinton seems to have own lurid life filled with phone sex and vibrating dildoes (sp?). (Help me out here, what's the plural of dildo? Where's Bill when you need him?)

Cut to the Chase has a good post on O'Reilly that concludes:

While the right is busy trying to convince everyone that allowing homosexuals to breathe will destroy heterosexuality and marriage, just thinking about a dirty talking, hump-eager Bill O'Reilly could be powerful enough to send hordes of women - myself included - to lesbianism.

The Journal News.com, Newsday and USA Today have recent articles on the scandal. There are also related posts on Talk Left, Town and Planet, By Beauty Damned, The Spoons Experience, Les Jones Blog, and SoCal Law Blog.

P.S. The latest news via Diggers Realm is that Andrea Mackis (the woman who made the complaint) is being fired.

P.P.S. The Smoking Gun has some of the source material covering the accusation.


Anonymous said...

You know--I'm wondering if any of the accusers of Clinton will remain as lily white as they tried to seem. Limbaugh, Gingrich, Lott, and more have all shown their hypocrisy. I just finished Al Franken's book that goes into O'Reilly's show in great detail--makes one sick. Who really watches that show? And believes him?

Karlo said...

To tell you the truth, the only time I've seen Fox is when I'm at the gym and they have it playing on the screens in front of the treadmill. I figure it must be part of the regimen: we torture the body with aerobic training and the mind with twisted logic.