16 October 2004

Troops refusal to follow orders

According to the L.A. Times, members of the 343rd Quartermaster Company, an Army reserve Unit based in SC, evidently refused to undertake a mission in Iraq. The unit members claimed that the state of their equipment and the lack of armored support made the mission too dangerous. The Army seems to be trying to downplay the conflict, saying that the members had some valid concerns. Families deny Army accounts and say that the soldiers have been arrested. This incident, along with recent bombings in the "Green Zone" in Baghdad, bring back memories of Vietnam where U.S. troops had to be concerned about movements even within their lines of control. The increasing number of U.S. deaths would also seem to indicate a deteriorating situation.

Pesky' Apostrophe also discusses the 343rd and there's a short post at Informed Comment as well.


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