29 October 2004

Some more qaaqa

So now it turns out that the Bush administration's contention that some member of the Axis of Dastardly White Folk (the Russians, French and Germans) rushed into Iraq during the middle of the war and spirited away the Al Qaa Qa weapons is . . . a bunch of qaaqa. It turns out that an embedded Minnesota TV crew video-taped the site, the weapons, and U.S. troops cutting the IEAE seals. Of course during the next few days prior to the election, we'll have to "investigate" whether this video is authentic and listen to the pundits explain that there's a "very real possibility" that the video was staged and the TV station is lying, or that it is "entirely plausible" that the entire video was beamed to us from an interstellar civilization bent on destroying American democracy and our way of life. This is all fine. I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of this and discover another cover-up months later when this no longer matters. My question is why does the media have to investigate this at all? Clearly, the U.S. military must have known about this all along. This wasn't some top secret Al Qaeda site buried under a mountain after all, but was a large complex that had been identified and sealed off by the IEAE!

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