11 October 2004

Movies with seoul

A recent news article talks about how Korean teledramas are quickly becoming a hit all across Asia. Japan now even has fan magazines specializing on Korean shows. This doesn't surprise me at all. In terms of quality of script and acting, Korean TV series are now much better than anything U.S. TV has to offer. In place of the crass sexuality and the white-hat black-hat mentality that pervades U.S. TV fare, Korea has developed smart series with subtle character development, intriguing plots, and clever dialogue. The sound tracks for Korean TV series are outstanding and often become hits in their own right. Korea and Japanese companies are now offering international tours that take fans of the dramas to the shooting locations. For those of you who would like to try watching a popular Korean TV hit, I'd recommend the famous series (all unrelated) that happen to be named after seasons (Autumn Story, Winter Sonata, Summer Fragrance). Some or all of these have now appeared in subtitled versions. Hollywoods' days are numbered.

Japanese blogs discussing Korean films include: B-log Cabin TP and Kankokuno Kaori.

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