23 October 2004

It's the water, and a lot more.

Blanton's and Ashton's has an excellent post on the hypocrisy of Armitage's recent defense of Allawi, who has been accused of personally carrying out summary executions of prisoners. Myself, I don't get it. Has the U.S. government placed a historical amnesia elixir in our drinking water? How is it possible for everyone to collectively forget U.S. support for Saddam, Saddam's support for Allawi, Chalabi's conviction for bank fraud, Armitage and other administration hack's involvement in Iran-Contra, and Bush and company's ubiquitous connections with Big Oil? Evidently, I'm not drinking enough water.


DBK said...

It's not the water; it's the kool-aid.

Karlo said...

Aaaah! So that's it.