9 October 2004

Debate #2

I listened to the debate last night and wasn't very impressed by either candidate, to tell you the truth. I think Kerry's low point was when he called Bush a flip-flopper for allowing experiments on the stem-cell lines that were already in existence. It was a cheap shot that ignores Bush's argument, which is entirely rational (even if idiotic). Bush, on the other hand, occasionally resorted to emotional outburst in which he repeated simplistic one-liners designed to appeal to the Joe-5-pack crowd. The most disappointing aspect of the debates for me was listening to the people calling in on C-Span. When asked what particular point of the debate led to their conclusions, no one could remember anything that had been said just minutes before. Instead, they all repeated the inane one-liners from both candidates. I am now convinced that the majority of American voters are only able to maintain their concentration for a span of 30 seconds--the length of a TV add.

Blogosphere pundits takes on the debate:
Redwood Dragon--Kerry stumbled through much of the debate, Xtra Rant--Bush was a petulant frat boy.


Anonymous said...

30 second attention-span? I think you are being very generous...

RanDomino said...

Voting is dead! RanDomino for King!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how a Kerry win in the debates, such as the first debate is lauded as such, but when he clearly has his ass handed to him by a man who is better equiped to run this country the left "wasn't really impressed by either candidate to tell the truth."

Truth is Kerry won the first debate and Bush clearly won the second. Just call it like it is.

SlagleRock Out!


Karlo said...

Ah, SlagleRock. Just when I thought I'd vanquished you on the other site, you pop up here. Actually, I thought I was being fairly even-handed in my assessment of the debate. We all expect so little of Shrub these days. If he can merely walk up to the pedestal and string together a few subjects and verbs, we are all so pleased that we're ready to follow him to Mars. If he was our alcoholic uncle at the family reunion party, I might conclude that we should humor him: laugh at his flipflop joke (although we've heard in 20 times already) and all pretend to be scared when he rattled off the name of some 3rd world bad guys who were "all out to get us." But Bush ain't at a party and the score cards are in already: Saddam wasn't a threat (our own government now says his threat was diminishing before we attacked!); Bush has lost more jobs than every president but Hoover; and he's surrounded himself by a bunch of rich cronies. I've also been in the military and am from a blue-collar background. Maybe you don't like Kerry (I don't either), but how in the hell do you manage to like Shrub. You aren't part of the Bush clan by any chance are you?