18 September 2004


I've added World So Yearned For (Maeumeuro Keurineun Sesang) to my Damned Import links. Though in Korean, the site provides an excellent photo log on the gritty day-to-day existence of life in the South Korean Army. In South Korea, all men are required to do service in the military. Soldiers receive an insignificant pittance for their period of enlistment and must undergo a great deal of harrassment from their superiors. Of course, new recruits yearn to return to their normal lives on the outside.

P.S. Some of the photos show men holding hands or touching. This shouldn't be misunderstood--in Korean society men (or women) who are simply friends sometimes hold hands or touch each other.

P.P.S. In somewhat related news, there's a recent South Korean scandal about movie stars who have been avoiding the draft by leaving the country. Song Seungheon, a teen heart-throb in countless Korean TV series, recently re-entered the country to face charges, leading to an uproar in the nation's media.

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