18 September 2004

A proposal on turning the war around

News outlets report that Kopi Annan has clearly stated that the Iraqi war is "illegal." Annan has also expressed doubt that Iraq would be able to hold free elections as planned by January 31st. These comments have come amidst the pessimistic outlook presented in the National Intelligence Estimate by the National Intelligence Council, which include the chance of an Iraqi civil war by 2005. Many yellow-bellied American liberals are now pessimistic that this war can be won. I, however, still feel there's hope. Since George Bush was AWOL from his Guard unit and since regulations at the time said that anyone missing 3 months of duty could be callled to active duty for two years, I think the National Guard should call Shrub back up and have him complete his duty in Iraq. Thousands of other National Guard personnel are, after all, being pulled out of their jobs and away from their families to serve in the war. I'm sure with Shrub in the cockpit, the nation would have nothing to fear. And I'll be the first to sing a dirge beside his cooling corpse if he gets shot down.

P.S. Simply Appalling has a good post on the Shrub NG "service" and the new documents scheduled for release. Ratboy's Anvil has a good post on the gap between Shrub's rosey predictions and the pessimistic outlook of U.S. intelligence.


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I second that motion! LOL

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