23 September 2004


I've been reading Hardt and Negri's book Multitude. I would definitely recommend this work to anyone interested in globalization and resulting shifts in the concept of sovereignty. (For a review of this book, see The Multitudes Strike Back, Sharleen Mondal, De File, The Pinocchio Theory, and Multitudes Web.) Multitude is the sequel to Empire, a difficult book by the same authors called Empire. For that 0.0000001% of the population who have a Ph.D. in political science, an excellent facility with confusing academic prose, and surplus time and patience, Empire might be worth a look. I still haven't found someone who can look me in the eye and say they read the whole thing or understood it. Multitude, unlike Empire, is very well written and from what I've read so far, seems to be a very insightful work. I'm only part-way through, so I'll wait until future posts to discuss the author's points. Empire has been discussed in a number of places. Just to mention a few:

P.S. Dialogic has a recent post on the book as well.

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