18 September 2004

History is a'changin'

Certain events have recently given me flashbacks to the book 1984, and its description of how history was being rewritten so fast that it outpaced the memories of those still living. The Memory Mole had the following interesting example on his site:

"On 21 September 2002, The Memory Mole posted an extract from an essay by George Bush Sr. and Brent Scowcroft, in which they explain why they didn't have the military push into Iraq and topple Saddam during Gulf War 1. Although there are differences between the Iraq situations in 1991 and 2002-3, Bush's key points apply to both.

But a funny thing happened. Fairly recently, Time pulled the essay off of their site. It used to be at this link, which now gives a 404 error. If you go to the table of contents for the issue in which the essay appeared (2 March 1998), 'Why We Didn't Remove Saddam' is conspicuously absent."

Kudos to Democracy for California for pointing me to this. A Relative Path also has some interesting posts on Republican flip-flopping.

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