10 September 2004

Cobb and LaMarche

I was just looking at the website of Cobb and LaMarche (the Green Party candidates for president and vice-president). Their platform advocates the following:

  • An immediate withdrawal from Iraq
  • Universal healthcare
  • Energy independence
  • Gay rights
  • Sustainable economics
  • A vigorous environmental policy
  • Reparations for slavery
  • Repeal of the Patriot Act
  • Legalization of marijuana

I wonder how many people would support such a platform if the Greens were the sole option to the Republicans. Perhaps we should chastise the Democrats for running against the Greens, since they thereby remove the chance for a strong leftist coalition that seeks real change. I'm also surprised at how much media coverage Nader is getting compared to the Green Party. Nader lost the Green Party nomination, after all.

Whether or not we vote for Kerry, I think we should not register Democrat but rather join the Greens or other parties. Through party affiliation, we can send a message that the Democrats can't take the left for granted. Ultimately, of course, it would be nice to see a party take power that truly represented grass-roots concerns instead of these bank-rolled behemoths like the Shrublicans and Democryts who only exist to support elite corporate interests.

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