26 September 2004


This weekend, I went out and saw Cellular. In spite of its predictable plot, the film is to be lauded for the clever way it weaves cell phones (and the familiar problems we all have with them) into virtually every scene. The main characters miraculously maintain a single cell call throughout most of the movie, which makes me wonder which service they were using. If I run around the city with my service (AT&T), it drops every two or three miles. I used to have Verizon and they were even worse. I also found that Verizon was run by gangsters. For example, they charged me $20 for a missing piece of cardboard when I returned my cell phone. Later, the company virtually refused to allow me to cancel an order after I ordered DSL from them. After writing numerous signed and dated letters and calling them repeatedly (and getting a computer), I eventually got through to a real person who finally did something after I threaten to sue the company. I'm sure that somewhere in Verizon headquarters, there's an overpaid young man with a Ph.D. in marketing holding up a graph showing that if you make it impossible to cancel service, 10% of customers will stick with it, and this will translate into increased overall sales. Hopefully, 100% of you who are reading this will not deal with the bastards.

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