6 August 2004

Troy vs. Chronicles of Riddick

Bad Subjects has an interesting essay comparing the movies Troy and The Chronicles of Riddick. The writer(s) point out right-wing messages in the former and a left-wing sentiment in the latter.

P.S. I recently saw The Chronicle of Riddick and found it entertaining. I especially liked the movement of location and the complexity of the plot, which involved other worlds (which unlike those of most sci-fi stories, really seemed like other worlds) and different types of beings. The idea that future civilizations might be strongly religious was also a refreshing twist. As for the comments by Bad Subjects, I would agree that the movie has a more leftist (or at least "individualist") premise. Personally, I would consider Riddick (and his race) to be a staunch anarchist. Anyway, I recommend the movie as a nice Saturday matinee, but a bit violent for many kids.

P.P.S. Takahashi Akira has a Japanese-language review of the film which is fairly negative, saying that the film is reminiscent of gang-related films or even The Fast and the Furious.

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