16 August 2004

Stepford Wives

I saw the Stepford Wives yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. The 1975 movie has been made into a comedy with a number of excellent one-liners delivered in a plausible dead-pan fashion. The plot itself is hilarious, and the acting excellent. I particularly liked Christopher Walken as well as Nichole Kidman--who played the leading role.

Other blogments on the movie include:

  • Sprog Blog: A short comparison of the modern movie with the 1975 version.
  • Rotten Tomatoes gives it 4 out of 10 after giving the movie a fairly positive write up.
  • Jay's Movie blog gives it a thumbs down, citing failures to take the old movie in an exciting new direction.
  • Life in SF (Japanese), on the other hand, recommends the movie, even to those who saw the original.

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