4 August 2004

Lynndie England

According to a May article on CNN, Lynndie England originally faced four charges:

  • Committing an indecent act
  • Assaulting Iraqi detainees on multiple occasions
  • Conspiring with Spc. Charles Graner to "maltreat Iraqi detainees"
  • Committing acts prejudicial to good order and discipline that were of the nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces through her mistreatment of Iraqi detainees

The charges against her have evidently piled up. According to KDKA Radio:

"United States Marine Lynndie England, the soldier at the center of the prison abuse scandal, is going to appear in court next month. England will face an Article 32 hearing on allegations of abusing prisoners at the Abu Ghraid prison in Iraq. She was originally charged with 13 counts of abuse, but is now facing 19 charges as six more counts were added against her; facing a possible 38 years in prison. Today's 5-minute hearing at Fort Bragg in North Carolina was held because the Army reservist from West Virginia wanted a specific military attorney added to her defense team. The case date is set for August 3."

Has anyone heard how the case came out?

Other links on England include: Democratic Underground, House 8, Center for American Progress, and of course Hersh's excellent article in the New Yorker.
Strike the Root complains that the torture probes haven't gone far enough up the chain of command. And then for those of you who think fascism is as American as apple pie, there's the "Official Lynndie England Fansite."

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