1 August 2004

Fascism and apple pie

Recently, an art gallery owner in North Beach was forced to shut down her gallery after being attacked by right-wing thugs angry over a controversial painting. The painting, titled "The Abuse" (by East Bay artist Guy Colwell), shows Lynndie England and another soldier smiling as they torture Iraqi detainees.

The owner, Lori Haigh (a single mother of two) reluctantly gave up her dream of owning an art gallery after she was spat on by one man and then punched in the nose by another, in addition to receiving several death threats.

While this incident might seem to be a minor case of thuggery, I think it demonstrates a growing tendency towards violence by those on the right. On the radio last night, I listened to the belligerati of some mainstream thinktank (a right-wing media-watch organization) bemoan the fact that Michael Moore isn't being arrested for "treason" for his documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. Evidently, it isn't enough anymore for the right to simply buy up all the media outlets and smother dissent with right-wing propaganda. Those on the right are evidently concluding that the sword is, in fact, mightier than the pen.

Thanks to Democracy for California and Zekes Gallery for pointing out this tragic story. The SF Bay Indymedia, while calling for citizen action, also discuss this crime and its aftermath.

Democracy for California also mentions the World Press Photo award winner for 2003. I really like this photo since it shows the humanity of those who are being oppressed in the name of democracy. By labelling all those non-Europeans who oppose the US anywhere in the world "terrorists," the mainstream media brainwashes Joe five-pack into thinking that dem damn brown people out there are all in that subhuman class of undertoads recently vacated by the "nips" and "gooks." Looking at the picture, I can imagine a poor child in mental hell watching his father hooded and bound, and the poor man doing all he can do in the situation to comfort the innocent child.

One unfortunate meme transversing the current zeitgeist is the idea that American lives are somehow worth so much more than the lives of any other nationality. We hear this nonsense spouted from both the Republican neocons and their democratic imitators. Frequently, speeches begin with lines like "while a single American life is being lost..." Well i got some news for ya all--the number of innocent NON-american lives isn't in the single digits on any given day. And personally, I simpathize more with the little four-year-old boy sitting with his hooded father in the desert than with some right-wing soldier foolish enough to go fight for Halliburton.

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