5 August 2004

Body bags and Kuwaiti Scotch

Iraq Watch (an excellent fisking site, by the way) claims that the war in Iraq is heating up at this point with increased attacks on U.S. personnel (see also the recent LA Times article). It looks like the U.S. military will soon fill its 1000th body bag.

In a related vein, has anyone noticed the recent news blitz urging us proles to feel proper gratitude for those Halliburton employees who have died "for the righteous cause?" I don't feel gratitude but ire when I consider the wealthy schmucks who have manipulated events to get the poor classes to fight their wars and drive their trucks. But wars are exceedingly profitable so there will always be some daring souls who are willing to fly to Kuwait and sit in a $10,000-a-day hotel room sipping Scotch in order to spread the American way. But after stealing millions of our tax dollars do they really expect us to feel gratitude?

Along these lines, Howard Zinn wrote an excellent article in the June 2003 edition of The Progressive on how the soldiers are fighting for the government but not their country. The articles as timely now as it was a year ago.

P.S. Riverbend has an excellent post on these events (with the added advantage that she's there.)

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