2 July 2004

Paul Bremer in the Emerald City

A recent article by Daniel Sneider discusses the extent to which Paul Bremer has been out of touch with what's going on in Iraq. Bremer claims, in the New York Times, that less than 2 percent of Iraqis think it would have been better had the US never invaded. A recent poll, however, puts the number at almost 60%. Let's see...that's just a 58% (or a 30-fold) difference. The math ain't too good. Perhaps when our buddy Paul was a little tyke, he was one of those unfortunate children who was "left behind." Or perhaps he spent all his time talking to wealthy Iraqi exiles over there in the Green Zone. (The name Green Zone is a bit reminiscent of the Emerald City, don't you think? The logic of the Bush folk's war-talk also has a certain Oz-like quality to it as well.)

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