5 June 2004

Swerving through cyberspace

I've been reflecting on blogs, as of late, and the whole internet experience. This new medium, transcending the conventional limitations of space--will it create a new and better human? Surely, these connections people make through the cybersphere have some substance beyond mere zeroes and ones. Or is the potential of this new medium limited through its inherent abstraction; are we trapped within the inevitable confines of pixels and phonemes? Does true human society require that I glance at the shift in your eyes, the smell of your body, the sequence of your digits tapping against your knee? As I swerve left, do I truly break free of the tried grooves of those who have slithered across this road before me, or is my swerving also simply part of a tired pattern, the extended arm of a normal distribution? As I swerve, do you plod on along the course designed by large marketing firms in New York, by corporate compatriots doggedly determined to turn a buck? Is my swerving likewise no more than a plodding, parallel to the well-trodden trench? In spite of its limitations, I still feel that this medium has the potential to take us beyond ourselves, beyond the tribal, patriotic, provincial blindness that has led ordinary blokes to fight each other for such phantoms as racism or a flag. The new mentality created through the internet may allow us to develop a new humanity that ties us together and allies us against the oppression of the few.

They say that all is determined through prior causes as the course of atoms is fixed. Even so, occasionally they swerve.

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