15 June 2004

Sagt mir wo die blumen sind.

A recent Associated Press news story claims that "by 2025, two-thirds of arable land in Africa will disappear, along with one-third of Asia's and one-fifth of South America's." After years of hearing how technology will hand us a magical elixir freeing us from the fruits of our folly, we seem to be headed for hard times and hard facts. In the end, I don't think some novel gizmo will save us. We need radical social change, and such change cannot occur within the current system. At present, the wealthy minority has no interest in sacrificing its monopoly on resources in order to realize a more sustainable system characterized by greater equity; they don't care if the pie shrinks as long as they eat the biggest pieces. But such greed, from a spiritual context, is corrupting, making it impossible to achieve authentic long-term solutions to the environmental problems plaguing the planet.

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