16 June 2004

No Reagan No Cry

So wazzup with all the hoodoo over Reagan? I'm sure that in a few months, people will start to see his visage in the bark of trees or will notice real tears coming from his eyes in the copy of some old Time Magazine cover. Then, perhaps, Reagan can make that final transition from secular King to holy Saint.

Why do people feel the need for heroes? I don't get it. It ain't simply that I think Reagan was a self-serving ass--the U.S. government seems to be a haven for such types. Even if people want to selectively remember him in his acting role instead of in his role as a politician, I still can't see why people need heroes. I mean, there are lots of heroes. The people who work day in and day out to provide our services and build things, the people who work for pennies overseas to bring in our quota of plastic Wallmart thingamabobs, the people who raise us and provide for us--in a sense, these people are all "heroes." We paid ol' Ronnie millions over the years to run around and repeat the mantras provided by his handlers. We provided him with bodyguards for life, good food, life-time health insurance, colored jellybeans and everything else he asked for. What the hell else are we supposed to do? Sing his praises for all eternity?

Reagan's death was worth about two lines in the back of the New York Times. And while they were at it, they could list the other 10,000 people who happened to kick the bucket on the same day along with their accomplishments. As for this nonsense about putting Reagan's mug on the $10, Cosmic Milk has some thoughtful apropos remarks. GaraLog and The Daily Weasal also have short posts on Reagan's passing.

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