24 June 2004

Nader again?

I don't know who I'll vote for in this election. Of course, unless the sun begins setting in the east and the electrons running through my brain all reverse their spins in tandem, I'll be voting against Shrub. But Kerry? I don't know. I think that at the very least the Dems could have come up with a candidate who was at least consistently opposed to the Iraqi War, the Patriot Act, and all this other nonsense. I was going to vote Green, but if the party chooses to support Nader again, I won't go along. I don't think there's any hope for the Green Party to develop as a party if it continues to run solely on the force of a single personality (who, incidently, is not even a Green Party member). Of course, many Dems are upset that anyone would support a third-party candidacy and allow Shrub to slip through again. But I would like to see the Greens or any third party get enough votes to force real debates about real issues into the media and the national agenda. No matter what anyone thinks about the Greens, one thing's clear: the party's one of the few running that isn't heavily in debt to corrupt corporate interests.

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