30 June 2004

Democracy: It's not just for 3rd world countries any more...

Today I read an article by Hartung and Donnelley--"The hidden cost of war: How the Bush doctrine is undermining democracy in Iraq and democracy in America" (in The Iraq War and Its Consequences, 2003).

The authors initially point out the failures of Bush administration neocons to accurately access the consequences of the war. They also point out that any Iraqi "democracy" has been hopelessly tainted by the use of handpicked U.S. flunkeys (Chalabi, etc.) as well as extensive influence from the U.S. corporate sector. It is pointed out that the average American has no idea which companies are involved in Iraq and how those companies got there. Perhaps the most interesting assertion in the article is that Iraqi democracy is intrinsically linked to democracy in the U.S. Until U.S. citizens can exert enough influence to reduce the omnipresent influence of the military industrial complex in Iraq, there's little hope of establishing true democracy there. I think Hartung and Donnelly hit the nail on the head, here. The last part of the article discusses actual political connections between the military industrial complex and the current administration. I know many readers may yawn at this point and say "What's new?" but I'd like to remind people that it doesn't have to be this way. Why did Americans elect an entire administration filled with wealthy people tied to big oil? Why have Americans allowed this administration to enrich its friends at public expense? The facts are out: they're in numerous well-researched articles, they're in the new Michael Moore film, and in Hartung and Donnelley's article.

Does anybody know what time it is? Does anybody care? Doo doo doo doo....

(= time to sack the prez along with the other gangsters surrounding him)

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