29 June 2004

Cobb and LaMarche

David Cobb and Pat LaMarche have won the Green Party nomination.

    Cobb's stand on key issues include:
  • Ending the occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Ending the transnational corporate empire
  • Dismantling the military industrial complex
  • Universal health care
  • Ensuring a living wage for all
  • Building schools instead of more prisons
  • Creating a multi-party democracy with publicly funded elections
  • Development of Proportional Representation and Instant Runoff Voting
  • An end to the racist War on Drugs
  • The repeal of the Patriot Act
  • Slowing global warming and creating jobs through a crash program to get energy from clean and renewable resources such as wind and solar power

Clearly, the Cobb platform is designed to create equity and fairness within U.S. society. Why is the Green Party virtually the only party putting forth bold solutions to the country's current problems? So many people that I talk to say that they agree with ALL of the Green Party's positions, but are voting Democratic because they don't want to be spoilers. Perhaps they're right. But apart from the presidential election, I would encourage people to register Green and to support the party at the grass-roots level. If nothing else, the ideas coming out of the Green Party will put pressure on other parties to come up with real solutions that work for normal everyday Americans instead of catering solely to the needs of moneyed interests.

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