25 June 2004

Blogging versus Confucian collectivism

A Korean blogger (Jeongjungyongdeok) notes that the current blogging trend that has just hit Korea this last year would seem to run counter to the country's collectivist weltanschauung. I suppose it's odd for people to discuss their uniqueness in a country that values consensus so highly. In My Diarium, the writer (S.K.Shin) even writes in the byline that the blog should not be seen as a form of "look at me" behavior.

On another note, I noticed that many of the Korean bloggers display a great deal of sophistication regarding the new blogging technology (for example, see Blog or Die or Kwanny's Rants). From what I've observed so far, the format for blogging services does not seem to be all that uniform across languages. Many of the Korean and Japanese blogs seem to occupy a limited set of modules within a PHP page that displays server-side content.

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