6 May 2004


John Negroponte has been selected as the White House's ambassador to Iraq. The prez is to be congratulated on his fine choice and choice timing. At a time when the US storm troopers are in such dire need of training regarding torture, the White House has managed to find a pol of such protean talents. As the politician overseeing the CIA machinations involving the infamous Battalion 3-16 in Honduras, I'm sure our buddy Johnny can teach the troops a few tricks of his own.

As I touched on earlier, the US with its new concentration camps and information awareness campaigns has definitely ushered in a new era, and We, the People, are now faced with a decision to go along silently or oppose the new fascist violence and hypocrisy. The current US regime has decided to use open violence without the charades of previous administrations regarding the rule of law and other such drivel. The problem with reliance on brute force is that it draws the world into a hopeless situation that is clearly unsustainable while placing normal Americans and their posterity in extreme danger for many years to come.