3 May 2004

Hail Bush der great leedah

Have you ever wondered at what exact point the citizens of Nazi Germany realized that they were living in a Fascist regime? Meeting over ein bier after a mass political rally, did the people mutter under their breaths, "I think we've crossed the line at this point." Or was it only after the invasion of Poland. Or perhaps as the fragrance of burnt sausages became subtlely intertwined with the smell of cremated bodies. Or perhaps, never. Perhaps the normally soft-spoken man at the pub ended up like the proverbial boiled frog, making tiny moral sacrifices required by the Department of Heimland Security, until it simply became impossible to leap forth from the pot.

And where are we now? Where do we draw the line? At what point do we leap out of the boiling pot? After the U.S. military sets up bases in the majority of nations on the planet? After it sets up puppet regimes and rigs elections throughout the globe? After it makes unprovoked attacks against sovereign dictators (formerly installed by the US) in order to provide global corporations with the necessary lebensraum? After it begins to arrest citizens without trial? After it establishes concentration camps on inaccessible military bases? After it creates the execution chambers? After it changes laws to allow any form of spying on citizens and foreigners alike?

I don't know. (What would I know? I'm just a mere member of the working class, after all.) Unfortunately, fascism is evidently not the sort of thing that's clearly announced like the end of daylight savings time. As I look at the news and public opinion, I'm convinced that few citizens in the U.S. have drawn a line in the sand. Few people seem to be saying, "I will only go down this road so far." We are assured that anyone speaking with a Texan drawl who speaks and spells as poorly as most of the rest of us, shorely cannot be conceiving evil plots and schemes. We're told that an evil-doer intent on creating fascist rule would shorely have the decency to speak with ein thick German accent or be wearing a headwrap. Certainly, anyone mentioning nice things like prayer in schools and family values is simply out to protect our wonderfully moral way of life from all those decadent brown people across the ocean.

So tell me, where does one draw the line? And what do we do when that line's crossed?